If you’re looking to start a new chapter in 2023, there is a new report by Moving Waldo that might help with finding your new destination. While labelling any one city or province as “the best place to live” is unrealistic, there are several things that factor into a city’s quality of life worth considering. Cost of living, crime rates, and access to social services and green spaces are all great places to start. And, that’s exactly what Moving Waldo looks at in their 2023 report.

In the past, Moving Waldo has compiled rankings of the safest and cheapest places to live in Canada, which they have compiled to narrow down their selections in regard to quality of life.  This report ranks each city based on three criteria: Safety, affordability, and access to recreational facilities and parks.

The former is measured using the Crime Severity Index (CSI), a “measure of the severity of police-reported crime,” according to Statistics Canada. A CSI of 60 and below is considered among the safest. So Deep River, ON (21.68) and Lévis, QC (27.04) are among the safest places to live on this list.

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The affordability factor looks at both the average home prices and rental rates for a one-bedroom apartment. In Edmundston, NB, the average cost of a house is just $150,622, and the monthly rent for a one-bedroom is $545. The cheapest rent on the list, though, sits at $455 in Thetford Mines, QC.

Finally, health, pollution, green spaces and recreation, climate, education, and employment are all factored into the quality of life rankings.

Best quality of life in Canada – 2023

  • Edmundston, New Brunswick
  • Saguenay, Québec
  • Lévis, Québec
  • Deep River, Ontario
  • Trenton, Nova Scotia
  • Québec City, Québec
  • Thetford Mines, Québec
  • High River, Alberta
  • Barrie, Ontario
  • Wellington County, Ontario

So, are you surprised by this list?