The Great North is no stranger to ice and snow, but for some cities, this week has really been something else. Bundle up and forgive yourselves for feeling victimized by Mother Nature – because according to Weather Now, 8 of the 10 coldest places on earth today are in Canada.

From blizzards to high winds, forecasts in the north and eastern parts of the country are bleak – but we’re hoping those in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are staying especially warm today.

While things will likely change as the sun moves through the sky, Sanirajak (also known as Hall Beach) – is currently listed as the coldest place on the globe at an unfathomable 43°C.

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Photo via WX-Now

Other Canadian cities mentioned were Eureka, Nunavut, which is currently calling for -42°C and Lupin (also in Nunavut) at -41°C.

Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, also has us shivering at the thought of their frigid -41°C, but of course, no matter where you are today – it’s important to be smart and dress appropriately.

According to Environment Canada, the chance of getting frostbite increases rapidly at windchill values below -27°C, which has been surpassed today by Quebec City in Quebec, as well as Ottawa, Ontario and Yellowknife (just to name a few.)

Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

It’s freaking cold out there for some of you, Canada – so if you require any more information about extremes or would like to see if there are any weather warnings in your area, we recommend that you visit the Government’s website, after all – knowledge is power!

Alternatively, if you’d like to see the coldest (and hottest) cities, towns and hamlets in the world, you can visit the WX-Now website as well.

Good luck, be kind and stay safe! Heck, maybe treat yourself today. You deserve it.