It’s about to get hot in here, Vancouver! Well, warmer and sunnier, at least. Tuesday, June 21st marks the official start of the summer season, and The Weather Network is following suit with a new summer forecast for Vancouver and BC. While the previous report by AccuWeather still holds up – much of our fate over the next couple of months still lies with La Niña. Thankfully, we’ve got a couple of updates on that to share with you, so let’s get into it.


According to The Weather Network, most of Canada will see near-normal or above-normal temperatures this summer. In a photo in the report, we can see that Vancouver lies just outside the red “above normal” zone – so that’s some good news!


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In terms of rainfall, we’ve already had more than our fair share this spring and well into June. Although wildfire season is inevitable, we’ll definitely have a shorter season as a result of all the rain – which is absolutely a cause for celebration.

“We do not expect wildfires and smoke to be anywhere near as big of an issue this year as they were last year, and during many recent summers.”

Heading into the thick of summer, The Weather Network predicts near-normal trends of precipitation amounts, with periods of intermittent hot and dry weather, of course. However, much of the coastal region will be “cooler than normal” overall.

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Now, about the dreaded “heat dome” from last year – Meteorologist Tyler Hamilton assures us that it is “highly unlikely” that we will see a repeat of last year’s extreme heatwave. That being said, folks in Vancouver can expect periods of hot and dry weather in July and August, with things heating up as early as this weekend.

Right now, The Weather Network predicts temps as high as 28°C on Saturday and Sunday. So, it’s time to break out your beach towels and get ready for some prime picnic weather! 

Well, that’s all for now, Vancouver! Enjoy the start of the summer season on a covered patio – because that’s where we’re at right now – and look forward to sunnier days soon!