After a wetter and colder Spring than usual, we’re definitely ready to skip right past ‘Juneuary’ and head into a gorgeous summer. However, if past forecasts have taught us anything, it’s to prepare for a mix of rain and shine (yup, even heatwave levels of sunshine). Let’s get to this year’s summer forecast for BC.

AccuWeather’s 2022 Canada summer forecast was just released, and it looks like much of our fate this summer depends on La Niña, especially in western Canada.

La Niña is one of many teleconnections that experts use to determine seasonal weather patterns. Basically, it allows veteran forecasters like AccuWeather’s Brett Anderson to predict how much moisture will be funnelled over the province.

What can we expect this summer?

According to AccuWeather, this summer is likely going to be wetter than usual – in Northern BC at least. Southern BC can expect fairly average amounts of rainfall (~4 inches from June to August) So don’t pack up your rain gear quite yet!

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Photo via AccuWeather

Vancouver is usually the hottest in mid-to-late July with temperatures in the low 20s C. Last year, of course, July and August were absolute scorchers, breaking multiple nationwide records.

While the mention of rain tends to put a damper on the ‘summer vibes,’ a slightly wetter-than-usual summer might just save us all come wildfire season. So there’s that.

In fact, Anderson said that we can expect to see “a reduction in fire activity this year,” due in large part to the rain and greater snow runoff from a colder winter season.

Well, at least there’s good news mixed into the summer forecast this year! We’ll all hopefully be able to breathe a bit easier come wildfire season.

That’s all for now, Vancouver!