Wow, is it already the last week of July? We guess it’s true what they say- time flies when you’re having fun. And if that’s the case, blink and you’ll miss all the fun stuff to do around Vancouver this August. From embracing the heat to taking a break from it, we’ve got the full scope of fun ready for you.

Here are the best things to do around Vancouver this August.


Splash around at a waterpark

Ready to cool off after a hot start to summer? We sure are, so much so that we’ve rounded up a ton of great options for you. Whether you’re just heading out on a day trip or need an option for your next weekend getaway, there are quite a few waterparks to enjoy in BC.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Go chasing waterfalls

Admittedly, we’re more about waterfalls than waterparks. Especially when BC is absolutely filled with gorgeous ones to see, from massive cliff faces to hidden forest gems. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the latest roundup of our favourites in the province.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Ride a new Mountain Coaster

Cypress Mountain got a whole lot cooler last month, thanks to a new mountain coaster! The Eagle Coaster zips you down the mountainside at 40 km/h. Add in a vertical drop of about 279m (900 feet), and this coaster becomes fun for all ages.

When: Open throughout August
Where: 6000 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver
Cost: $29 for GA (includes lift ticket)

Visit the Malahat SkyWalk

This new Vancouver Island attraction is the perfect add-on option for your next getaway. Here, you’ll find a 600 metre long walkway leading you to a viewing platform sitting some 32 metres high. Basically, they’ve recreated a hike that’s accessible for all ages. And, you can take a slide to get back down!

When: Open throughout August
Where: 901 Trans-Canada Hwy, Malahat
Cost: $31.95 for GA

Hit the beach

We cannot write about things to do in the summer in Vancouver and not bring up the beach. Whether you want the buzz of Kits beach on a sunny day or a hidden gem for a Tuesday morning coffee, we’ve got you covered. Of course, our advice is to visit them all!

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Explore Vancouver’s incredible Gardens

In contrast to our beaches, Vancouver’s incredible urban gardens never seem to be as popular. We don’t care, though, since it makes them that much more serene to visit on a summer day. Toss a little picnic in there or grab a snack at some of the bigger options to complete your experience.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Get back on the Sea to Sky Gondola

This incredible attraction along the Sea to Sky Highway offers stunning views, mountaintop trails to explore, and food and drink options so that you can kick back and take it all in. As far as day trips go, this is top-notch.

When: Open throughout August
Where: 36800 BC-99, Squamish
Tickets: $55.95 for GA, $14.29 for Ride-Down Only

Go on a quick camping trip

Without a doubt, a camping trip pretty much anywhere in BC is always a must for outdoors enthusiasts. Whether you’re sticking close to home or exploring our province’s wild side, there are tons of options waiting out there for you, including the iconic Joffre Lakes campsite.

When: Available pending travel restrictions
Where: Click the link above for our picks!


Vancouver Pride

Vancouver Pride is back for the summer, folks! you can look forward to both virtual and in-person events while it’s on, from a ‘decentralized’ parade to a Pride Art Walk and drag events.

When: On until August 3rd
Where: Locations around Vancouver
Cost: Varies per event

Vancouver Mural Fest

Another major festival returning this summer is the Vancouver Mural Fest! Things are more or less back to normal this year, with local art tours, musical performances, and a pop-up patio all planned for it. And of course, it also means dozens of new public art murals going up, too.

When: August 4th to August 22nd
Where: 2105 Main Street
Cost: Varies per event

Shipyards Live

New for this year, Shipyards Live is an ongoing concert and market series taking place at the Lonsdale Quay. Do some shopping, try a food truck, and hit the beer garden as you enjoy the sounds of some fantastic local artists. And, best of all, it’s free to attend!

When: July 30th to September 18th
Where: Lonsdale Quay Area

Watch a movie

It hasn’t happened in a while, but there’s no better way to spend a rainy day than at the movies! We like supporting local businesses, so we recommend that you check out the showtimes at The Cinematheque, the Rio Theatre, and VanCity Theatre. The added bonus? These often show older movies, which are perfect if you’re not in the mood for a summer blockbuster.

When: Showtimes throughout summer
Where: Locations around Vancouver
Cost: Varies

Take a bike tour of Vancouver’s public art

The Vancouver Biennale’s BIKEnnale has returned for the summer! This extensive guide offers multiple routes that will show you the best of the city’s public art. All biked out, thanks to our list of bike rides around the city? Hey, no problem, because they’ve got walking routes as well.

When: Open throughout August
Where: Click the link above for routes

Bill Reid Gallery- To Speak with a Golden Voice

Following the continued interest in the exhibition, the Bill Reid Gallery has chosen to extend this incredible exhibition on Bill Reid himself. A master goldsmith, carver, and sculptor, Reid is undoubtedly one of the most important Indigenous, and by extension Canadian, artists to have emerged in the 20th century.

When: Open throughout August
Where: 639 Hornby Street
Cost: $13

Polygon Gallery- Interior Infinite

A couple of new exhibitions have opened around the city, and we think we want to check them both out. First up is Interior Infinite at the Polygon Gallery, which is a collection of 15 Canadian and international contemporary artists across a wide range of mediums.

When: Open throughout August
Where: 101 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver
Cost: By donation

Richmond Gallery- Imperfect Offerings

Our second pick, Imperfect Offerings takes a look at the healing and rebuilding powers of ceramics. So, it’s only natural that they include the artist Naoko Fukumaru, who practices kintsugi. Does that word sound familiar? It’s because it’s the art of using gold joinery to rebuild broken ceramic pieces.

When: On until August 22nd
Where: 7700 Minoru Gate
Cost: By donation

Wander around the Vancouver Art Gallery

There are a few exhibitions currently on at the Vancouver Art Gallery, ranging from a photography exhibition focusing on mass media and advertising, to an exploration of the gallery’s own history, to a massive video installation. And, the offsite exhibit (which is free) also has something on right now!

When: Open throughout August
Where: 750 Hornby Street
Cost: Varies

Imagine Van Gogh

The attraction that took Vancouver by storm this spring has more or less cooled off for the summer. So, if you haven’t already gone, this is a good opportunity to check it out without a bunch of other people around.

When: Open throughout August
Where: 1055 Canada Place
Tickets: $39.99+

Sports and Activities

Hike up Grouse Mountain

Of course, we couldn’t forget the Grouse Grind as a summer option. Not so easy that you’ll cruise through it, but not so hard that you’ll be wondering if heading there was a good idea in the first place. Plus, the need to purchase a download ticket assures some rest and relaxation once your climb is complete.

When: Open throughout August
Where: Grouse Mountain
Cost: $20 (for the download ticket)

Be cool in the pool

There are now 5 public pools open around the city! Honestly, Vancouver’s public pool scene is second to none, with a couple of spots being right up there for the best public pools on earth (looking at you, Kits and Second Beach!). Since swimming in the ocean is more or less a no-no, this is a great way to stay cool this summer.

When: Open throughout August
Where: Click the link above for more info

Work on your short game

Mini-golf is a good option for just about anyone. Like bowling, the skill ceiling is weirdly high, but it’s so straightforward that a total novice will still have fun out there. Whether you’re looking for a date night option or a weekend that’s fun for the whole family, we’ve got you covered.

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BC Lions

That’s right folks, all signs point to ‘yes’ for Vancouver’s major sports teams returning to the city. First up are the BC Lions, with the CFL coming off a cancelled 2020 season. They’re playing their first home game against the Edmonton Elks this month, and we think you should cheer them on.

When: First home game is August 19th
Where: 777 Pacific Boulevard
Cost: $21.75+

Vancouver Whitecaps

On another note, the Whitecaps have been playing ‘home’ games down in Utah for like 4 months now, but they’re also coming back this August! We’ve been absolutely rolling through Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, and we’ve got a renewed interest in the sport.

When: Games TBD
Where: 777 Pacific Boulevard

Food and Drink

Try a new restaurant

July ended up being a fantastic month for new restaurants in Vancouver. From ambitious fine dining to grab-and-go options, there are more than a few new spots to check out for yourself! Need a starting point? We’ve rounded up some of our favourites for you.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Find your favourite kind of ice cream

Nothing sums up summer more than a scoop of delicious ice cream, and Vancouver is absolutely filled to the brim with options. From plant-based treats to some truly zany flavours, you can have a scoop a week and still have stuff left on your list when summer ends.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Swing by your local Farmers Market

If we ever miss recommending a trip to Vancouver’s farmers markets, then reach out and tell us to give our heads a shake. After all, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley is a goldmine for delicious, locally-produced fruits and veggies. And, there’s no better time to take advantage than in the summer!

Where: Locations around Vancouver


PNE Fair 2021

Yup, the PNE Fair is back this summer! This year you can expect a slightly modified lineup, but still, a ton of stuff to look forward to. While concerts are still a no-go, the Lumberjack Show, the nightly pyro-musical finale, and the SuperDogs are all returning.

When: Starts August 21st
Where: 2901 E Hastings St
Cost: $15 for adults, $12 for children and seniors

Carnaval Del Sol

For over a decade, Carnaval Del Sol has been offering a great mix of food, shopping and live entertainment for its guests. Stay tuned for a lineup!

When: August 12th to August 29th
Where: 50 Pacific Boulevard

Richmond Night Market

It wasn’t surprising that one of the most popular summer options in Metro Vancouver had a pretty hectic opening weekend. Hopefully, new measures will be put in place to help with capacity. Until then, we say maybe just hang out and take a trip to Richmond for authentic Asian eats.

When: On throughout August
Where: 8351 River Road, Richmond
Cost: $4 ($22 to skip the line)

Do a tour of roadside attractions

Looking for some weirder options? We’re right there with you. Turns out, BC is home to a ton of major roadside attractions, ranging from giant hockey sticks to a glass mosaic house. Probably better as part of a summer camping trip, but the devoted few can see amazing things in a day.

Where: Click the link above for more info

Or go on a particularly weird day trip

In addition to the roadside attractions, we’ve also got a roundup of some of the weirder day trip destinations around Vancouver. From a train wreck in the forest to a cave with a natural feature that looks suspiciously like the Buddha, some incredible sights are just a drive away!

Where: Click the link above for more info

That’s what we’ve got in mind for things to do around Vancouver this August! We’re in the dog days of summer folks, and we’re going to make the most of them.