Outdoors enthusiasts, unite! It’s an open secret that some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada are right here in BC. And of course, summer is just about the best time to see them. So, check out this roundup of some of our favourites, and get to exploring!

Here are 14 amazing waterfalls to check out around BC this summer!

Note: When planning your trips, please be mindful of the dangers of waterfalls and the hikes to get to them. In addition, please stay aware of any travel that might be affected by road closures and advisories related to BC wildfires.

Nairn Falls

nairn waterfalls bc
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Take a quick walk out past Whistler to see one of the most interesting falls in the area. Nairn Falls are around 60 meters tall and feature two amazing falls. The cool part about these falls is there is no visible connection between the second and third falls. Why? Well, because later in the season the water travels underneath a natural rock wall!

Where: Nairn Falls Provincial Park, Whistler

Brandywine Falls

If you’re in the mood for some Twin Peaks vibes, Brandywine Falls has what you’re after. In between Whistler and Squamish, you can check out this beautiful 70 metre high waterfall. A quick trail brings you to the viewing platform that allows you to see the whole falls in their majesty.

Where: Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, Whistler

Shannon Falls

shannon falls
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Located right by the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, these falls are truly awesome. It is the third highest waterfall in the province, with hundreds of metres of rolling cliffs and rocks. The first viewing area is just a short walk away from the parking lot, but this is also a launch point for some of the region’s most challenging hikes.

Where: Squamish Falls Provincial Park, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District

Alexander Falls

Located in the Callaghan Valley, these gorgeous waterfalls are some of the easiest to see in BC. Just a short drive south of Whistler, the falls are actually visible from the parking lot! Of course, we recommend stepping onto the nearby viewing platform for best results.

Where: Callaghan Valley, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District

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Cascade Falls

cascade waterfalls bc
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Another nice and easy option, but this time in the Fraser Valley. Located north of Mission and near Stave Lake, this relatively small park still has hiking trails, a suspension bridge, and of course, some stunning waterfalls to see. Plus, the short trail to get there makes it fun for all ages.

When: Cascade Falls Regional Park, Fraser Valley

Helmcken Falls

This is the fourth tallest waterfall in Canada and is truly awe-inspiring to see near Kamloops. The falls are a 141 metre drop and are worth checking out any time of year. In the summer, the falls jut out of the lush green forest. In the winter, see everything shining with ice and snow, including a 50 metre ice cone that forms!

Where: Wells-Gray Provincial Park, Thompson-Nicola District

Dawson Falls

dawson falls
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Dawson Falls are not to be missed, if only because they’re pretty much right next to Helmcken Falls. Both of the falls are on the Murtle River, and both feature easy-to-access trails and viewing platforms. So, if you’re going to visit one make sure that you visit the other!

Where: Wells-Gray Provincial Park, Thompson-Nicola District

Kennedy Falls

We like Kennedy Falls because even though it’s close to home, the rugged terrain and the falls themselves suggest we’re much further away. That said, it’s no small task to get there, requiring around 5 hours for the round-trip hike to and from them.

Where: Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, North Vancouver

Norvan Falls

kennedy waterfalls bc
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Rather than the sprawling style of Kennedy Falls, Norvan Falls offers a much more reserved yet rugged reward. Pretty much enclosed by the forest, this waterfall is the kind you’d expect to see in some fantasy movie, just before a magical creature appears and gifts you a shield or something.

Where: Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, North Vancouver

Twin Falls

A super easy to access spot on the North Shore, Twin Falls has both a suspension bridge above it and relatively safe swimming holes below. So, if you’re looking for sights to see, picnics to have, and pools to take a dip in, this is maybe your most convenient option.

Where: Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver

Myra Falls

myra falls
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If you’re heading out to Vancouver Island this summer, then this needs to be number 1 on your list of hikes. You can pick two trails for Myra Falls, and both are worth it. The lower trail gives you a great view of the falls themselves. On the other hand, the upper trail features a vista of the lake below. It’s a toss-up, but we say check out the lower one.

Where: Comox-Strathcona Regional District, Vancouver Island

Little Qualicum Falls

These cute falls are also located on Vancouver Island and are super easy to get to! Near Qualicum Beach and Parksville, take the well-groomed path and check out the wonderful falls. The loop trail also allows you to check out the many different cascades and pools of these gorgeous falls.

Where: Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Elk Falls

twin falls
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Our third Vancouver Island pick is absolutely worth the journey. Located near Campbell River, the falls are the shining star of a beautiful park. What’s more, a suspension bridge was built just a few years back to let you check them out in all their glory.

Where: Elk Falls Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Twin Falls

Finally, we’re capping this list off with a pick that may be a twin in name (haha), but is definitely more like a distant cousin of the other Twin Falls. Located in Yoho National Park, these falls reach a whopping 180 metres, and the hike to them includes views of the nearby Takakkaw Falls, which are about double their height! Absolutely worth a road trip for the true waterfall buffs in BC.

Where: Yoho National Park, near Field

Anyway, those are some beautiful BC waterfalls to check out this summer! Hopefully, you’ll be able to see more than a few over the coming weeks!