Quick- what’s like golf but will have you much less likely to throw a club into the trees? Putt-putt, mini-putt, mini-golf… whatever you call it, is an underrated option around Vancouver. Since summer is the best time to enjoy it, we’ve got a few places in mind that you’ll definitely want to check out…

So, here are 5 great mini-golf spots to visit around Vancouver!

Sweet Escape Mini Golf

Our first mini-golf pick for around Vancouver is also the newest! Sweet Escape Mini Golf is a new attraction at Playland, having opened earlier this season. Candy-themed (naturally), this isn’t maybe worth the price of admission alone but is a great (and free) activity once you’re there.

Where: 2901 E Hastings Street
Cost: Free with admission ($29.50+)

Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf

It’s only fair that we include the equally outrageous Giggle Ridge at Cultus Lake Adventure Park. Here, you’ll find a course inspired by a cartoon mountain lumber camp. And, like Sweet Escape, it’s just one of many activities to check out when you visit!

Where: 3993 Sunnyside Boulevard, Cultus Lake
Cost: Free with admission ($18+)

The Keefer Yard

The Keefer Yard is easily one of our top picks on this list (and the only adults-only option). Located adjacent to the Keefer Bar, this 9-hole course opened last summer and has been getting better and better ever since. In addition to the very fun (if simple) mini-putt layout, a trip here also means some of the best drinks in the city, often with delicious food to match!

Where: 135 Keefer Street
Cost: Free to play with donation to a local charity

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Seymour Creek Golf Mini-Putt

Ok, time for a couple more classic mini-golf experiences around Vancouver. First up is Seymour Creek, which is located on the North Shore. This outdoor course features a classic layout and a super affordable price point, making it perfect for a midweek date night or an afternoon visit.

Where: 315 Seymour Boulevard, North Vancouver
Cost: $7 per person

West Coast Mini-Putt

It would be impossible to write a list and not include the classic indoor blacklight option. Lucky for us (and you), that’s exactly what you can expect at West Coast Mini-Putt, since 9 holes here are glow-in-the-dark. Best experienced with a few pals on a weekend, and maybe with glow-in-the-dark bowling after.

Where: 7391 Elmbridge Way, Richmond
Cost: $14.30 per person

Savage Creek Golf Course

Our last pick is definitely our top choice for those looking for putting practice in addition to the classic mini-golf experience. Why? Well, the ‘Hidden Meadows’ course is both actual grass and features a lot of slopes/distances you’d see while actually golfing. But, without the struggle to actually get to the green. It’s the best of both worlds!

Where: 7388 No. 6 Road, Richmond
Cost: $6 per person

Alright folks, that’s our roundup of the best spots to play mini-golf around Vancouver! Whether you’re out there for fun or practicing for your next must-make birdie, we hope this list helps!