We’re ready to dive into another summer of local exploration. And, this time we think we’re aiming for a few weirder destinations. You’ve got no shortage of weird day trips to enjoy around Vancouver, from natural wonders to man-made attractions. We’re right alongside you here, since we’ve seen just about every angle of BC’s most popular photo opps by now.

Here are 10 weird day trips you can go on from Vancouver.

Whistler Train Wreck


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Here’s a super easy option for those heading to Whistler. Located right beside the Cheakamus River, this hiking trail features some unique additions- graffiti-covered train cars. The crash was actually off-limits to the public ever since it happened in 1956. But, a recent pedestrian means the curious can now safely access it!

Where: Janes Lake Road, Whistler

Othello Tunnels

We’ve got another fun train-related destination in mind, too. This time though, you’ll be seeing a series of abandoned train tunnels that have been converted for hiking and biking. We’re not going to lie, the cleanly cut tunnels on the side of a granite mountain give off some dystopic vibes. We like it.

Where: Hope

Rambo Statue

Hope is also home to one of the newest weird attractions, making it the perfect double-whammy option. Fun fact- the town and the surrounding area were used to film First Blood. And as thanks to ol’ Sly himself, the town has erected a carved statue of the bandana-toting death machine, machine gun and all.

Where: Hope

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Former HCMS Annapolis


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Surprisingly, one of the closest weird day trips around Vancouver is also the hardest to get to. This intentionally sunk battleship is the result of an effort to create man-made reefs in BC’s coastal waters. And the result? Well, there’s a 113-metre long ship sitting a mere 10 metres under the surface. Yeah, SCUBA diving in an old battleship is a pretty weird way to spend a day, sorry.

Where: Gambier Bay (Guided tours recommended)

Sasquatch Museum and Statue

We’re the first to admit that the forests of BC are pretty much the perfect setting for a sasquatch to exist. A least a few people in Harrison Hot Springs agree with us, since they’ve set up a hilariously small museum filled with print casts, informative plaques, and even a skull. Just look for the giant sasquatch statue out front!

Where: Harrison Hot Springs

Driftwood Mastodon


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Even weirder than the fact that there’s a life-sized Mastodon statue in BC, is that you’ll unlikely to know where exactly it is. Recent accounts have placed it on Bowen Island, although it appeared to be on Salt Spring for a little bit as well. Our advice? Ask friends from Bowen Island for the trail you need to take.

Where: Bowen Island

Friendship 500 (AKA The McBarge)

Now for a couple of close-to-home options. This iconic boat was originally built to be a McDonald’s for Expo ’86, but has been through decades of neglect since then. Maybe not for much longer, though, since the current owner is trying to find a new spot where it can be a restaurant once more.

Where: Maple Ridge

Faerie Village at Redwood Park


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The Brown brothers would have been shoo-ins for East Van ambassadors, had they not been living in the early 1900s. Gifted land by their father, the two built a house on stilts (a replica is now there) and planted the largest stand of Redwood trees in Canada. If that wasn’t enough, there are now dozens of tiny houses in the park, to house the local faerie population.

Where: Surrey

Spotted Lake (Kliluk)

These last two picks are ambitious as day trips, so maybe swap drivers on the way back. But darned if they’re not worth it. First up is Spotted Lake, which is located right off the side of the highway and is a must-stop spot in the southern Okanagan. Due to naturally occurring mineral deposits, the lake’s pools range in colour from yellow to blue to purple and green. What’s more, the pools go through these changes on a weekly basis!

Where: Osoyoos

Smiling Buddha Room


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We honestly didn’t know this existed before today, but we’re oh-so-happy we stumbled across it. Located near Horne Lake on Vancouver Island is a cave network. And, hidden in one of those caves, is a naturally-occurring stalagmite that bears a weird resemblance to the Buddha reclining. Yeah, this is our top pick this summer. But, like with the HCMS Annapolis, don’t go messing around in there without a guide leading you.

Where: Horne Lake Provincial Park

Alrighty folks, that’s our roundup of some weird day trip options around Vancouver! Of course, what’s weird to us might not be weird to you, but we think we’ve got a nice mixed bag of ideas.