Toronto is always ranking one of the best in a lot of different categories: from one of the best in the world to live in, to one of the best cities to work remotely. And a recent list now certifies Toronto as one of the cities with the most sustainable hotels in the world.

The list comes from the Uswitch, a comparison service that helps consumers make decisions about a wide variety of products and services. And in order to create it, they used the new ‘Travel Sustainable’ certification on

Basically, the certification represents 32 different ways to create a sustainable stay for guests, ranging from smaller changes (no stir sticks for coffee, options to reuse towels) to systems-level approaches (using renewable energy for power, LED lightbulbs, and efficient water systems to name a few).  Then, they compared the number of hotels to have achieved the Travel Sustainable badge against the total number of hotels available on the platform

Leading the list are Vancouver in first, and Stockholm Sweden in second. Following at third is our very own city.

So how does Toronto rank in third place?

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Image via Uswitch

According to the list, nearly 25% of all the hotels listed in Toronto are certified as sustainable.

“Notably, 1 Hotel is dedicated to zero-waste and is Canada’s first mission-driven hotel. The hotel promises to divert over 85% of waste from landfills and it has an on-site composter to turn organic waste into reusable soil. They exclusively use local farmers, sourcing over 90% of their produce from within a 100 km radius,” it states.

“The eco-friendly icing on the cake is that both the interior and exterior use repurposed elmwood from a dismantled barn in Blyth, Ontario and fallen Toronto trees have been transformed into the chic decor.”

The 1 Hotel Toronto is described as an ‘eco-luxury oasis’ and it opened last summer.

After Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton come in at fourth and fifth place.