When it comes to quality of life, these cities are considered the best to call home. A new report from Resonance has ranked the world’s top 100 cities to live and work in, and it looks like 6 Canadian cities made the cut.

The cities include metropolitan areas with populations over 1 million, which were evaluated based on 6 core categories — Place, Product, People, Prosperity, Programming, and Promotion.

These categories take everything into account, including the number of sunny days each city gets in a year, the quality of their major attractions and universities, the number of residents with a Bachelor’s degree, unemployment rates, the number of recommended restaurants, and even the number of city-related Instagram hashtags. In case you’re wondering, the top five cities in the report are London, Paris, New York, Moscow, and Dubai.

Of all the Canadian cities mentioned, Toronto ranked the highest in 18th place. The report called the city “the fastest-growing tech market in North America,” that’s also celebrated for its renowned multiculturalism, making it a “top global destination to visit, meet, invest, work, and live.”

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best cities to live in canada
Photo via Juan Rojas, Unsplash

The report put Vancouver in 46th place, citing its people and diversity as the main highlights. “The most Asian city outside of Asia is as smart as it is gorgeous. Too bad about the price of entry,” it says, referring to the city’s soaring housing prices.

Montreal and Calgary trailed closely behind in 48th and 49th place, respectively. Montreal was singled out for its culture and museums, and Calgary for its people and prosperity.

“Canada’s energy capital is building for its future, despite a struggling oil industry,” reads the report. It describes Calgarians as people who “walk with the velocity of New Yorkers and cut to the chase like Texans.” An apt description, TBH.

Ottawa landed in 84th place for its “reputation for brainpower that’s attracting the world.” Ottawans are described as “uncommonly intelligent,” leading to a boom of knowledge-based businesses in the city.

Finally, Edmonton snagged 86th place in the ranking. The highlights are its foreign-born population and GDP per capita, and its reputation as “The City of Festivals” also gives its culture scene a boost. However, the report notes that Alberta was one of Canada’s economically hardest-hit provinces in 2021 because of its fossil fuel-based economy.

We may not have landed in the top 5, or even the top 10, but it’s nice to see our diverse cities celebrated for their unique strengths.