Hold on to your hats, because Toronto is getting an amazing new hotel this summer, and reservations are now open! The new 1 Hotel Toronto is described as an ‘eco-luxury oasis’ and based on the amenities they have, we’re going to believe them. Let’s check it out!

1 hotel toronto
Photo via 1 Hotel Toronto

There’s quite a bit to work through here, so let’s start with the ‘luxury’. Located downtown, the hotel features stunning city and skyline views. Plus, it comes with all the touches you’d expect, like heated floors, organic linens, a private gym and an Audi E-Tron ‘house car’. Down the line, you’ll also be able to check out the city’s newest rooftop pool and patio.

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rooftop bar
Photo via 1 Hotel Toronto

But, it’s the ‘eco’ we find to be more impressive. The hotel has got two major things going for it- an on-site garden and composting facility, and an associated ‘bee hotel’ meant to help grow the native populations. This ‘bee hotel’ will feature a custom-built habitat, just in case they wanna hang out for a while. Bees are the homies, so we hope they do.

Photo via 1 Hotel Toronto

While there’s a lot of overlap between the eco and luxury sides, it’s perhaps most pronounced at the ‘Garden Pavilion’. Functioning as the organic garden for the associated restaurants, this private pavilion can also seat up to 32 guests for cocktail receptions and other gatherings.

The new hotel is slated to open during the first week of August, and they’re actually offering discounts on bookings right now! If you’re looking for a summer staycation, this is it.

1 Hotel Toronto

When: Opens Wednesday, August 4th
Where: 550 Wellington Street West