Update: Zellers has announced where its new locations will be! You can find the locations listed here.

Your Zellers Canada update is here! After announcing its highly anticipated comeback, the Canadian retailer has shared more details about its re-emergence into the retail landscape. It plans to open over 20 locations in Canada.

Earlier this month, the beloved Canadian brand confirmed that Zellers Canada will be revived online, as well as in person at select Hudson Bay stores around Canada.

“Arriving early 2023, the distinctly Canadian retailer Zellers will debut a new eCommerce site and leverage the nationwide network of prime brick-and-mortar Hudson’s Bay locations as it expands,” wrote the brand back in August. And although we still may not know where they will be opening the new locations, we do know how many are planned so far.

According to the recent update on the Zellers Canada website, they plan to open 25 locations at select Hudson’s Bay stores with many more to come.

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Their website is still under construction but they’ve added some pictures of home goods, products, and more which we can only expect will be available once the website launches. The excitement is real!

“We’re hard at work over here, getting ready to deliver a playful, helpful shopping experience; from lifestyle to home and almost everything in between,” reads the site.

Besides that, Hudson’s Bay has also begun hiring people for Zellers, from managers to marketing professionals in the Toronto area.

Soon Canadians will be able to relive the nostalgia once again! We’ll keep you updated once we get more information.