As a beloved brand and a Northern staple, we were heartbroken when it was announced that Zellers Canada would be closing its doors back in 2013 – but legends never die!

With the resurgence of ’90s fashion and culture, the iconic store will be making a comeback this year and after much anticipation, things are finally getting real.

As confirmed by the company, Zellers Canada will be revived online, as well as in person at select Hudson Bay stores around Canada – though they have yet to announce which of our cities will be so lucky.

“When,” however, has been made crystal clear not only in a recent press release but with a verified Instagram account, AND the launch of a new website.

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“Arriving early 2023, the distinctly Canadian retailer Zellers will debut a new eCommerce site and leverage the nationwide network of prime brick-and-mortar Hudson’s Bay locations as it expands,” they wrote back in August.

As for their snazzy landing page? At this very moment, there’s not much to it except a note that they’re stocking up and a graphic of their familiar bear mascot – but that’s more than enough to keep us on the edge of our seats.

In addition – Hudson’s Bay has also begun hiring people under the Zellers umbrella – so dust off your resume,  job seekers!

From managers to marketing professionals in the Toronto area – our dreams are becoming a reality and it will only be a matter of time until we can hang 10 with Zeddy once again.


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“We know how special Zellers is in the hearts and minds of people in Canada. “’Where the lowest price is the law’ was a calling card, which has helped Zellers establish itself as more than a retail destination, but a place to build and support community,” said Adam Powell, Chief Business Officer, Zellers.

“Zellers is a brand deeply rooted in the Canadian experience. Spanning generations, people hold distinct connections to Zellers through shared experiences with family and friends, and we look forward to building on that in the future.”

As always, we’ve got our eyes on this one, friends – so check back! Here’s to nostalgia, supporting local businesses and a good comeback story. We can hardly stand the wait.