Washington is home to many wild and wacky things. Perhaps one of the most unique is Prosser’s Gravity Hill. As the name suggests, this hill literally defies gravity as it seems to pull cars on a minor incline up the road. You can make the trip east to test it out yourself, just be prepared for a seriously inexplicable experience.

Now what Prosser’s gravity hill even more interesting is the fact that there is a supposedly haunted grain elevator at the end of the road. But honestly, with a road as strange as this one, we wouldn’t really expect anything less.  At Prosser’s gravity hill, you put your car into neutral at the ‘Start’ line painted on the road, et voila! You’re magically pulled up the hill!

Before you get too spooked, people have many theories about why the hill does what it does. Some of those theories include it being an optical illusion and of course, a haunting, but the real explanation might not be as exciting as the latter. Magnetic or ‘gravity’ hills exist all over the world, and one simple explanation is that these small inclines are part of larger declines that we can’t see or process, causing us to believe that we’re being pulled upwards.

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So if you’re looking for a truly unique day trip, visiting Gravity Hill is a great idea. Not to mention, it’s Washington’s only gravity-defying hill so if you live here, you should definitely check it out at least once.

While the road is public access keep in mind that the land around it is privately owned. And of course, use your best judgment and be safe when checking out this phenomenon. As always if you give it a go be sure to let us know what happens and maybe even take a video or two because we’ll admit, we’re curious.

Gravity Hill

Where: 101204 N Crosby Rd, Prosser, WA 99350