Do you have more days off than you know what to do with this holiday season? If so, why not take a day trip? There are tons of places that you can visit around the state within just a few hours of Seattle. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors, shop, dine or simply get out of the house, we have some ideas for you.

Here are 7 exciting winter day trips near Seattle!



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It’s quaint, the drive is stunning and there is so much to do and see along the way. Cruise down Chuckanut Drive for views of Bellingham Bay and stop at Taylor Shellfish Farms for a taste of some of Washington’s best oysters. Visit towns on the way like Bow-Edison and check out what local artists have to offer. And at the end, you’ll end up in Bellingham where you can shop, dine and relax.

Distance: 1.5 hrs

Olympic Peninsula


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If you’re in need of a taste of the great outdoors there’s nothing quite like Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. You can visit Olympic National Park, get your Twilight on in Forks and take long walks on the beach while you stare out at the Pacific. Heck, you can even make this trip a few days and experience some Washington winter camping if you’re up for it.

Distance: 2.5 hrs+



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It’s kind of the ultimate holiday destination and it also happens to have been ranked as one of the most festive Christmas towns in America. You can explore amazing light displays, sleigh rides and wander the town’s perfectly Bavarian streets. While you’re at it grab a hot drink and check out other attractions like the Nutcracker Museum.

Distance: 2+ hrs

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Franklin Falls


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Franklin Falls is popular for plenty of reasons. It’s located just an hour outside of Seattle, is easily accessible, and is impressive in scale, coming in at 70 ft tall. It’s also one of the best spots for getting relatively up close and personal with frozen falls.

Distance: 1 hr

Bainbridge & San Juans Islands


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There’s nothing quite like a trip to the islands. You can choose from a quick and easy trip to Bainbridge or a bit of a longer journey to one of the San Juan Islands. From shopping to dining to hiking and more, all of the islands have their special charms. Of course one of the best parts about heading out to the islands is the stunning ferry ride, just be sure to plan ahead for longer wait times.

Distance: 1-4 hrs

North Bend


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Grab your plaid shirts and beanies and get on over to North Bend. It’s closer to Seattle than you think and also happens to be the site of many Twin Peaks filming locations. You can explore filming locations, go for a hike, simply admire the natural beauty, and of course end with a meal at Twede’s Cafe (The Double R Diner).

Distance: .5 hrs

Port Townsend


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Did you think Dune was the cinematic masterpiece of the year? Why not go check out its inspiration? Port Townsend happens to have been the home of Frank Herbert and is also one of Washington’s cutest towns. You can shop, dine and of course, view the beautiful surrounding nature that inspired one of the most famous sci-fi books of all time.

Distance: 2+ hrs

Take the time to make some memories with your days off, enjoy these Seattle winter day trips and have fun!