Looking for a truly unique way to warm up this fall? Try visiting a few natural hot springs in Washington state. There are several scattered around the state each with its own reasons for visiting. Whether you want a long hike in or an accessible soak, we have you covered.

Here are 6 natural hot springs in Washington state that will melt your fall blues.

Goldmyer Hot Springs


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This hot spring has a history dating back thousands of years. In recent times it has come to be one of Washington’s most loved natural hot springs. The hot spring requires you to provide proof of vaccination in order to visit and also has a reservation lottery system in place for booking.

Where: Goldmyer Hot Springs Trail, North Bend, WA
Cost: $20

Olympic Hot Springs


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This hot spring is truly off the beaten path and it’s located in the Olympic National Forest. Keep in mind that it is not maintained by the park so using it comes at your own risk. Additionally, be aware that parts of the park may close due to weather.

Where: Olympic National Park
Cost: Free/Must have a wilderness use permit

Ohanapecosh Hot Springs


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If you’re content with simply soaking your feet or feeling some warm water in the middle of nature, Ohanapecosh Hot Springs is for you. The hot springs are small and could easily go unnoticed. Visitors have described it as a brook, but you’ll find a few pools along the way to dip your toes in.

Where: Mount Rainier National Park
Cost: $15-$55 park entrance fee

Baker Hot Springs


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This hot spring is pretty nondescript but it’s easy to get to all things considered. If you’re planning on heading to Mount Baker National Forest you should check this out. But you will want to have an SUV or high clearance vehicle to get there.

Where: Mount Baker National Forest
Cost: Free

Scenic Hot Springs


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This hot spring has a natural source but you’ll have to enjoy the water in artificial pools. That being said, this spot has one of the best views in the entire PNW. Plus, you’ll get it all to yourself because it’s on private property and you have to make a reservation before going.

Where: Skykomish, WA
Cost: $10

Gamma Hot Springs

We’re going to cap the list with Gamma because you might never get to it. Gamma Hot Springs existence is almost mythical and very few people actually get to ever experience it. So much so that there aren’t many pictures to show for it. If you want to visit one of the most mythical natural hot springs in Washington state this might just be it.

Where: Darrington, WA
Cost: Free

There you have it! Keep in mind that parks may open and close due to weather conditions so please do your research before you head out. Additionally, make sure that you are prepared with proper gear and do not go alone if you are visiting a hot spring with a long hike.