The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) kicks off as one of the largest film festivals in the United States, showcasing over 400 films from more than 80 countries. It is a celebration of the art of filmmaking and a unique opportunity for movie enthusiasts to explore diverse cinematic experiences.

One of the most notable features of SIFF is the vast range of films on offer. From experimental avant-garde works to documentaries and classic masterpieces, the festival has something to suit every taste.

The festival takes place over several weeks, which audiences have the chance to attend film screenings, panel discussions, and workshops. Special events are also a highlight of the festival, such as the opening and closing night galas, which bring together filmmakers, actors, and audiences for a night of celebration and fun.

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The festival creates a platform for dialogue and exchange between filmmakers and audiences, allowing people to engage with the world through the medium of film.

Every year, beyond the selection of films, SIFF hosts a variety of events and talks that explore the role of film in shaping our society and culture.

These events provide an opportunity for audiences to connect with filmmakers and industry professionals, to learn about the latest developments in the film world, and to share their own experiences and perspectives.

Whether you just like movies or are interested in the industry, SIFF is well worth attending. This year you can choose between a full pass or individual tickets. The festival lineup will be released on April 26th and individual tickets go on sale April 26th to SIFF members and April 27th to the general public.

SIFF 2023

When: May 11th-21st
Where: Online & In person
Cost: Varies by pass