If you think Toronto has the worst traffic in the world — well, it does. But, according to the latest Global Traffic Scorecard by data and analytics firm INRIX, other cities have it even worse.

The report analyzes the most congested cities around the world and how much time drivers are spending in traffic each year.

Unsurprisingly, Toronto is among the cities with the worst traffic delays in the world.

In a ranking of the 10 highest traffic delay times by city, Toronto landed in 7th place with a total of 118 hours spent in traffic per year.

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According to INRIX, that’s a 59% increase since 2021. Of course, that’s largely due to students and employees going back to in-person.

Toronto’s traffic isn’t nearly as bad as London or Chicago, where drivers lost over 150 hours to traffic last year.

However, Toronto’s road congestion is worse than New York City and Los Angeles, both of which are notorious for their bad traffic.

Below are the cities with the worst traffic in the world, and the hours that drivers have lost to traffic in 2022.

  1. London: 156 hours
  2. Chicago: 155 hours
  3. Paris: 138 hours
  4. Boston: 134 hours
  5. Bogota: 122 hours
  6. Palermo: 121 hours
  7. Toronto: 118 hours
  8. New York City: 117 hours
  9. Monterrey: 116 hours
  10. Philadelphia: 114 hours

Los Angeles landed in 14th place on the ranking with a total of 95 hours lost to traffic throughout the year.

Despite the steep rise in traffic since the start of the pandemic, many cities have not returned to 2019 levels of congestion, which indicates that “commuting and work habits have shifted considerably” since then, the report says.

All of this info may have convinced you to ditch bumper-to-bumper traffic and take the subway instead. But, be prepared for more expensive fares on the TTC this year.