New regulations mean the return of some of our city’s favorite festivals and events. One of those festivals just so happens to be the Powell St Fest, Vancouver’s ultimate celebration of Japanese Canadian art and culture. Ready to see how it’s going down this year? Keep on reading.

As you might have guessed, the 45th annual Powell St Fest will look a little different than years past. The main difference this year is that the festival is happening both online and with live events. For the most part, the website will be your main hub for arts and events. Some of the in-person events include things like a guided 360 Riot Walk tour, the poetry/music installation at the Vancouver Japanese Language School, and more.

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Now if you happen to be hungry you can also purchase homemade Japanese Canadian cuisine from the drive-thru Festival Depot. Keep in mind though that you do have to purchase these things ahead of time. And what’s best of all is that you have basically an entire month to enjoy the amazing festival.

If you’d like to learn more about Powell St Fest you can click below. As always if you end up checking out any of the events be sure to let us know what you think. Although we’ll definitely be checking this one out so we might just see you guys out there. Have fun folks!

Powell St Fest

When: Throughout July & August 1st
Where: Online/Various locations around the city
Cost: Free/Varies