As summer very quickly heats up, we’re thinking about all the great ways to cool off around Vancouver. And, wouldn’t you know it, but a nearby attraction features a very unique way to do it. We’re talking about the Britannia Mine Museum and its underground tours. Here’s what to know!

Located in Britannia Beach north of Vancouver, the Britannia Mine Museum offers a peek at one of Canada’s best-preserved 20th-century mines. The mine itself was in operation for around 70 years, and a number of buildings have been preserved since the museum opened in 1975. This includes a massive ore mill, which has been used for filming in everything from The X Files to Scoody-Doo.

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But, it’s got an attraction that’s particularly good on a hot day- an Underground Tour. Following along an old haulage tunnel, the 20 minute or so tour takes you deep into the mountainside. Not only will you experience what mining conditions were really like, but the tunnel itself is a lot cooler, averaging around 12°C.

Is this a weird way to beat the heat? Absolutely. But, we think the museum is an often-overlooked part of the Sea to Sky Highway, and worth a visit even if it isn’t scorching out. So, we just consider that relief to be a little cherry on top.

For more information about the Britannia Mine Museum, just click the link below!

Pointless Note: We don’t know who’s behind their social media photos, but dang if they aren’t fantastic (especially on Facebook). Keep doing you, random photographer!

Britannia Mine Museum

When: Open daily
Where: 150 Copper Drive, Britannia Beach
Cost: $36.95