Well, we have to admit that if it were us and a dog facing off against a cougar, then things may have gone much worse. A video released by the Saanich Police earlier this week caught a tense moment between a cougar, a dog, and the dog’s owner.

And even though it’s under 10 seconds long, boy does it have a lot of action. The clip opens with a quick shot of a cougar exploring a driveway, before a dog comes roaring onto the scene. Luckily, the dog’s owner knew that that wouldn’t end well, and so, called the dog off. Even more impressive? It complied immediately.

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Well, to us it’s impressive, since we couldn’t even call our parent’s dog off an interesting smell on a walk. After the dog scatters, the owner makes himself look as big as possible, and the (probably very confused) cougar ambles away. All in all, we’d call the interaction scary, but it went down surprisingly smoothly.

Heck, the police even gave a shoutout to the dog for having a recall that good. Hmm, now that we think of it, maybe we’ll gift our parents a few dog training lessons for Christmas this year.