Bundle up and hold on to your butts, folks, because according to the Weather Network, the prairies are expected to get swept with a “dangerous, bone-chilling” Polar Vortex this weekend.

Though we can’t imagine that it was on anyone’s Christmas list, what is being described as the “world’s most frigid air” will blow in from the Arctic and surround those in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta over the holidays.

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Photo The Weather Network

“Temperatures for the foreseeable future will remain frozen in the double-digit, below zero range for the Prairie provinces, with colder wind chills making even a quick venture outdoors a dangerous, health-threatening proposition,” the WN warned. 

“We could come close to seeing the coldest Christmas on record in Edmonton.”

Photo The Weather Network

Now, while we hope that by some miracle, this will change – it’s worth preparing yourselves and your loved ones for the holidays.

Come December 25th, the daytime “high” will plummet to a frosty-22°C in Calgary, while Edmonton will experience sunny and cloudy breaks and -24°C.

Sadly though, this will persist with neither city breaking anything above -25°C until next Friday, December 31st.

Photo The Weather Network

Anywho, please be safe out there, friends. Dress warm, stay inside if you can and don’t leave your dogs in the car by themselves.

It’s going to be a white Christmas, friends – but man is it going to be a chilly one!