Man uses rubber chicken to rob a Tim Hortons in Alberta

Via Shutterstock / Tim Hortons

rubber chicken robbery tim hortons

Oh, goodness gracious. Typically we’d see a Canadian Tim Hortons story and feel pretty good about it but today is not that day. Instead, we have to let you know that a man just outside of Calgary stole a donation box in a Tims by covering it with a rubber chicken and running away.

The unusual yet illegal act occurred back on February 11th at CrossIron Mills mall which is just between Calgary and the city of Airdrie, Alberta. No word on how much was in the donation box, but we can’t imagine it was enough to warrant being known for this crime.

After all, this security cam footage is pretty quality, so the rubber chicken robber is most likely going to be caught sooner rather than later. Obviously, if you recognize this man, then go ahead and contact Airdrie RCMP at (403) 945-7200.

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