This incredible Canadian skating trail is lit by hundreds of tiki torches

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Canada is filled from coast to coast with incredible natural skating spots. From lakes in the Rockies to canals stretching miles, it’s impossible to deny that this country loves its outdoor ice. One spot in particular, however, might just be the coolest skating path in the entire country. Let’s take a look at the Fire & Ice Nights at Arrowhead Ice Skating Trail.

Arrowhead Ice Skating Trail

Located in Arrowhead Provincial Park in Ontario, the skating trail has become a not-so-hidden gem in recent years. It’s received high praise from across the globe and is widely regarded as one of the most incredible natural skating spots in the world. We can’t help but agree.


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The 1.3 km-long skating trail winds through delightfully lush Muskoka forest and will have you feeling like you’re skating through the set of a fairy tale. It’s a perfect date night, super family-friendly, and if you catch the weather just right, the experience of a lifetime.

Now, when the sun goes down on Fire & Ice Nights, Arrowhead Skating Trail really becomes magical. On select Thursday and Saturday nights, the entire trail will be lit by hundreds of tiki torch flames.

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A couple of tips for prospective skaters include avoiding Saturdays because of wait times and long lines and to hit up Thursday Fire & Ice nights if you can. Admission is set at $17 per vehicle from Monday to Friday, and $20 per vehicle on the weekends. Not bad at all.

Opening for the season in January 2020, the Arrowhead Ice Skating Trail is expecting thousands of thrill-seekers to come to try out the experience.