The Vancouver forecast is calling for a super sunny weekend!

Photo via LeonWang/ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

We’ve got some great news, folks! Aside from a touch of rain tomorrow, the Vancouver forecast is calling for a weekend full of sunshine and warm weather. So, if you were thinking about getting outside the house, this is absolutely the weekend to do it. Let’s check it out.

Friday is going to be the ‘rough’ day of the weekend, since it will only feel like 24 degrees and there’s a chance of a light shower. But, that’s being capped at like a millimetre of rain, so we’re hoping we get to experience a sun shower. By far the coolest kind of rain.

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Then, things heat up even for Saturday and Sunday. Both days are supposed to be mainly sunny, with highs of 24 and it feeling like 27/28 degrees all weekend. Finally, we get to experience the full glory of summer in the city, and on a weekend to boot!

So get out of the house and do some exploring over the next few days. With the Vancouver forecast looking this good, we’re sure you can find friends to join you.

Enjoy the weekend, folks!