Several arenas and fitness centres in Vancouver reopen next month

Photo via Kerrisdale Arena

Good news for you health nuts out there! On Monday, the Vancouver Park Board announced that it will reopen some fitness centres and arenas starting in mid-September. Here’s what you should know about it.

First up, the fitness centres. Half of the 24 will be reopening by mid-September, with the other 12 coming in through a ‘phased approach’ later on. The majority of the space will be used by those with reservations. But, they will keep a float of around 20% for drop-in gymgoers.

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Now on to the arenas. Three of them- Kerrisdale, Sunset, and Trout Lake- will reopen on September 21, while the others should come back for October. These arenas will only be available to organized sports permit holders. But, they’re hoping to work out a plan for the public soon.

And we will keep you updated if they do! In the meanwhile, we’re going to go buy a pair of rollerblades to get some practice in.