Here are 5 good news stories from around Canada this week

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Happy Friday, folks! While there’s a lot of serious stuff that happened this week, there were also quite a few good news stories in Canada that came out too. So, in between checking public health orders, maybe you can take a little breather with some lighter reading. That’s why we’re here!

Here are 5 good news stories from around Canada this week.

Canadian researchers may have found a new cure for diabetes

A team of researchers based out of the University of Alberta released news that they have maybe found a cure for diabetes. The process uses stem cells to re-wire the patient’s own blood cells, which allows for the natural production of insulin. Right now it’s only been tested on mice, but they’re hoping to start human trials soon.

Ryan Reynolds went halfsies on a professional soccer team

And, the other half is none other than Rob McElhenney. Apparently, the two are hoping to revive a mid-level football club in the UK. Why? Great question. Turns out, sports documentaries have been exploding on streaming sites, and the two want to film turning the club around.

Canada’s first non-palliative patient was treated with shrooms

Ok, psilocybin (for science’s sake). A company called Therapsil has been using magic mushrooms for therapeutic purposes for a while. But, only recently were they allowed by Health Canada to treat someone who is non-palliative. In a nutshell, this represents a new frontier for the therapeutic use of shrooms in Canada, but it could be a while before they’re available at London Drugs.

The Calgary Stampede announced its return in 2021

The cancellation of the Calgary Stampede was a weird turning point this summer. When one of your past slogans is ‘Come Hell or High Water’, it’s hard to imagine what could actually stop it in its tracks. Turns out, the answer is a global pandemic. Even still, we’re happy to see them commit to 2021, even if they’re not exactly sure how it’s going to look.

Two vaccines showed promising results

Both Pfizer and Moderna released late-stage trial results of their COVID-19 vaccines, and things are looking pretty good. Both are claiming effectiveness of 95% after two doses. Now, it’s up to regulatory bodies like the FDA and Health Canada to make sure they’re fit for consumption.

And that’s our roundup of some good news to come out of Canada this week! We hope that this puts a little spring in your step this weekend, folks!