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Check out the wild exhibitions currently at the Vancouver Art Gallery

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There’s always something on at the Vancouver Art Gallery and its the perfect place to spend a day away from the Raincouver blues. If you weren’t already aware something extra special is happening at the gallery. Currently, the main exhibition is a retrospective of acclaimed contemporary artist Cindy Sherman.

vancouver art gallery

Sherman’s medium of choice is photography, specifically portraiture which she began during the ‘second wave’ of American feminism. Through this lens, she has critiqued the social roles of women in the public and at home as well as the way the media portrays women.

But get this, all the photos are of herself. Sherman’s work is extremely unique as she has created hundreds of identities to examine the ways in which women are expected to exist in society.

cindy sherman

Even if you’re not a huge art buff we highly recommend taking the opportunity to see this show as we’re sure you can at least enjoy Sherman’s creativity. If portraiture isn’t your cup of tea that’s alright, too. In fact, there are several other amazing exhibitions to check out.

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transits and returns

We recommend checking out Transits and Returns representing the work of 21 Indigenous artists whose practices are both rooted in the specificities of their cultures and their travels. Themes of both the past and present are combined to demonstrate ancestral knowledge and global connections. The show is an excellent commentary on contemporary Indigenous issues and features the work of many local and NW Coast Indigenous artists.

But wait, there’s more.

vancouver art gallery

VAG is also showing Extreme Beauty by Vikky Alexander and selected works by Robert Rauschenberg from 1965-1980. Alexander’s work examines the appropriated image, the artificiality of nature and the seduction of space. While Rauschenberg’s work revolves around his unique combinations of non-traditional objects and paintings.

We know that’s a lot of information to absorb so really, check it out for yourself. You’ll be happy that you did, trust us.

Enjoy the art!

Vancouver Art Gallery

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