BC also wants out-of-province travellers to postpone recreational trips for a while

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In case you missed it, BC has introduced some new, tight restrictions to help fight COVID-19. The biggest one is a new restriction on recreational trips and vacations to the province.

Yesterday, the province ras announced that they are discouraging non-essential travel into and around the province right now. For reference, non-essential travel is any travel that isn’t related to business and work or is for hospital visits and other medical appointments. Along with this, the province is discouraging anyone from outside the province from travelling into BC for any non-essential reasons.

That means no ski trips, weekend getaways, or flying into the province to hang with pals. Although this is only a recommendation and won’t currently be enforced, we have to agree that it’s the right move.

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The government is also asking people to stick to their immediate bubbles and not intermingle with other households for the next two weeks.

It was also advised that, for all you winter sports lovers, you stick to mountains and resorts that are near you rather than taking a trip.

While this might be a damper on your December Tofino storm watching plans, it’s probably the right thing to do. COVID-19 numbers are reaching all-time highs, so maybe rethink and revise any weekend getaways or trips you have coming up.

If you want to check out the full list of restrictions and rules, check out the BC Government website right here.

Stay safe out there!