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Tim Hortons loves you, so they made a V-Day menu

Via Tim Hortons

tim hortons donut

It’s almost Valentine’s Day as if we needed another excuse to eat donuts. Tim Hortons is doing a very convincing job of making us want treats (as if there was much convincing to do) with their Valentine’s Day Menu.

Imagine this: it’s February 14th, you’re cuddled up with your sweetie, hand-feeding each other pink Be Mine Donuts.

Alternately, imagine this: It’s February 14th, you’re cuddled up with your remote control, hand-feeding yourself a pink Be Mine Donut.

It works either way.

tim hortons red velvet

Tim Hortons is giving us all the outs for our sugar cravings with this year’s menu. There’s Be Mine donuts, Red velvet muffins, cookies, hot chocolate, lattes, and iced capps.

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Love doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Happy Valentine’s Day! #ValentinesDay

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You just can’t feel unloved when your donut is all cute and heart-shaped. It’s impossible.

We love you too, Timmies.

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