The massive Chinese New Year parade returns next weekend!

Photo via CBA Vancouver

We’ve got some good news on a dreary day! The Chinese New Year Parade returns to Vancouver for the 47th time on Sunday, January 26. This massive celebration of the new year attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year, and for good reason! Haven’t checked it out? Here’s why we think you should go.

The Chinese New Year Parade is the signature event of Chinatown. The parade will include lion dances, musical performances, martial arts demonstrations and much more. Afterwards, lion dances will be performed at local businesses, spreading good fortune throughout the area.

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chinese new year parade

But what year is it??? Good question, and we’re entering the Year of the Rat. The first of the zodiac animals, the rat is associated with wealth and surplus. Ha, if only the folks in Alberta believed that, hey? Apparently, the rat’s colours are blue, gold and green, so expect to see those featured prominently in the parade.

If you don’t have a chance to catch the parade this year, know that there will also be a cultural fair throughout the weekend too. Held at Sun-Yat Sen Plaza, the fair will feature many of the same attractions as the parade, and is a good way to see some of the more popular events up close.

See you down there, Vancouver!

Chinese New Year Parade

When: Sunday, January 26
Where: Vancouver Chinatown

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