Air Canada Pilot ends final flight with a heartwarming announcement (VIDEO)

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We told you we were determined to bring you all the feel good stories we could find. Well, we’re back with another! This time it’s from an Air Canada Pilot who had the sweetest landing message on a flight returning home to Canada last week. As the plane landed in Montreal on Saturday, Captain Blair Wiseman came over the loudspeaker to deliver an inspiring thank you and welcome home to all on board.

He talked about what an honour and privilege it was to be bringing Canadians home. Especially with the ongoing crisis that has been taking over the world. Also, he thanked the many Air Canada employees, both on the flight and not, who have dedicated their time and efforts to bringing other citizens home.

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“They represent the very best of Air Canada,” he said. “In fact, they’ve all volunteered to do more of these flights. And they don’t have to. It’s not required, but it’s just who they are. They want to bring Canadians home to be safe with their families.”

His announcement is extra special because it was his retirement flight. After a 40 year career, it was the final time he’d be taking to the sky to pilot an Air Canada aircraft.

So thank you to Captain Blair Wiseman, for your career and kind words. And thank you to the many pilots, flight attendants, and airport staff who have been working tirelessly throughout this crisis to bring our citizens home.

Much like the hospital workers and front line essential business employees, who are keeping us alive and afloat, these folks are the reason Canadians are able to get through all that COVID-19 has thrown at us. THANK YOU.

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