Toronto’s waterfront is getting a stunning new addition! The Equinox Bridge, a suspended arch bridge, will connect downtown with new housing and green space on Villiers Island, Toronto’s next waterfront community.

Here’s what we know so far.

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equinox bridge
Image via Infrastructure Canada

Spanning the Keating Channel, the accessible pedestrian bridge will “provide a vital connection for thousands of new residents and estimated millions of visitors to a growing network of waterfront destinations and an expanded regional park system along the Don River.”

According to Infrastructure Canada, “The Equinox Bridge is characterized by a signature S-shaped suspended “arch bridge” connected by a sculptural array of fanning cables. The orientation of the bridge’s curves align with the summer solstice sunset and the winter solstice sunrise.”

The design was actually chosen following an international design competition where the Equinox Bridge was selected by an Evaluation Committee consisting of staff representatives from Waterfront Toronto, City of Toronto, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN).

“The Equinox Bridge will provide passage to a new world of wonder and discovery,” says Jack Winberg, Chair of Waterfront Toronto.

“It will open up the thousands of new market and affordable homes on ‘Villiers Island’, creating a link just minutes from downtown Toronto to the natural beauty at the Port Lands where visitors and residents alike can find joy in new parks and harmony with the water.”

The new piece of infrastructure is also said to provide panoramic views of the city!

We can’t wait for this project to get going so we can take in the sights of the city and check out the ever-growing Villiers Island.

Equinox Bridge Toronto

When: TBD
Where: Port Lands, Toronto, ON