If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that technology ain’t going anywhere but forward. So, it’s nice to see Toronto land high on a new ranking of the top tech cities in the world. The rankings looked at a variety of metrics to figure out which spots come out on top. And, we’re here to give you the scoop.

The rankings come from Money.co.uk, an online comparison service specializing in finance. To make the rankings, they used everything from average salaries to the success of startups to even Internet speeds, with the end result being a ‘tech-savvy’ score out of 10.

As one of only two Canadian cities to land in the rankings, our city is comparable to Vancouver in many ways. Toronto ended up taking the 15th spot on the list of the top tech cities in the world, with an overall score of 5.01/10. We’re pretty much on par with Vancouver when it comes to salary, living expenses, and disposable income.

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Image via Money.co.uk (Figures in USD)

However, we got dinged for internet speeds (apparently, less than half of Vancouver’s), and the density of ‘unicorn companies’, or companies with over a $1B USD valuation. Even still, neither Vancouver nor Toronto come anywhere close to the top dogs there, as San Francisco basically made everywhere else look foolish.

It should be noted that even when adjusted for population, Toronto still outpaces Vancouver when it comes to the number of tech startups to come out of the city. Our take? These rankings are fun to see, and we’re happy to be included, but we’re instead going to trust last year’s CBRE rankings when we’re talking about Canada’s best tech cities.

Either way, maybe it’s time we moonlight as copywriters for tech companies, and get a sweet, sweet piece of that technological pie.