From massive blockbusters to art-house movies made on a shoestring budget, Canada has long been a sleeper hit in the world of moviemaking. However, that seems to be changing, and a new list of the best places to be a moviemaker features five Canadian cities on it.

The roundup comes from MovieMaker Magazine, which, you guessed it, is particularly focused on movie and television production around North America. For their annual list, they weigh everything from production costs, to infrastructure and even cultural events. And, alongside some of the biggest cities for movie production, five Canadian spots also made the cut.

We’re not going to dive into the American inclusions, which dominate most of the list. We will note, however, that both New York and Los Angeles are ‘hall of fame’ status, so they’re not included. Anyway, here’s where the best (big) Canadian cities to be a moviemaker for 2022 landed on the list…

10. Calgary
6. Vancouver
4. Montreal
2. Toronto

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What got them on there? Well, Calgary was noted for being the hub of two major HBO series- The Last of Us and Under the Banner of Heaven. Plus, its proximity to a range of scenery, from mountains to forests to badlands, makes it a versatile option for a variety of shows.


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Vancouver was instead included for its wide range of film production programs (with a whopping 17 of them) and its ties to some of the most enduring comedies ever created, with Superbad getting the nod specifically. And of course, it’s long been the go-to spot for a slew of CW and Netflix productions, from Nancy Drew and Riverdale (which was, ironically, omitted) to The Mother.

Montreal made the list for a slightly more unique situation since some 40 VFX companies that have set up shop there make it one of the largest post-production hubs in the world. It’s not unheard of for actual production though, as Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar) used the city and surrounding area to shoot his newest movie, Disappointment Blvd.

This brings us to Toronto. Not only Canada’s biggest city, Toronto has practically doubled down in the world of moviemaking, with a whopping $2.2 billion going towards production in 2019, which has been rising ever since (even in light of the pandemic). What’s more, the city has been working hard to increase its sound stage spaces, which has attracted both Netflix and Amazon Studios to set up their Canadian headquarters there, and are using them for some of their banner series.

You’re probably thinking “wait a second, that’s only four!” You’re right- but one Canadian name also made the related list of the best ‘small’ cities to be a moviemaker in 2022. Heading back to BC, it was Victoria on Vancouver Island that landed in the 6th spot out of 10. Things are just starting to heat up here, but with the success and exposure from Netflix’s Maid or Apple TV’s See, MovieMaker has a feeling that things are moving fast.

Well, there you have it! If you’re thinking that you’ve got a bright future in the film industry, then it’s nice to know that some Canadian cities are among the best in North America to be a movie maker! As for us, well, we’ll be keeping the popcorn ready.