Halloween is a holiday with many traditions, but this one is uniquely Torontonian. For yet another year, YouTuber It’s Adrian has gone all out with a jack-o-lantern display that puts every other porch in this city to shame.

This Halloween, Adrian and his team of pumpkin-carving assassins managed to complete all 107 Gen 4 Pokémon. The YouTuber posted a video of the entire experience on Sunday and also shared it on Reddit, writing in the comments that this year’s project took 6 days to complete.

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Things definitely got a little intense in the workshop, with pumpkin guts and seeds taking up practically every corner of the room. A wedding ring almost got lost in the process but thankfully, it was quickly recovered. It’s safe to say that the end result was worth all of the effort.

Incredible as it is, this year’s collection is actually smaller than in previous years. Back in 2020, Adrian and the team carved all 135 Gen 3 Pokémon, and the year before that, they carved all 151 Original Pokémon.

Next to the Pumpkins After Dark glowing jack-o-lantern trail, this might just be the most epic display of pumpkins in Ontario this year.