Heads up, Canada, the Northern Lights may be visible across most of the country this weekend! Earlier this week, it was predicted that parts of Alberta and BC would be treated to a northern lights show. Now, the possible viewing areas have been expanded to most of Canada according to AuroraMAX.

The observatory in Yellowknife, which is federally funded and in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency and other organizations, tweeted the following map. It reveals that nearly all of Canada could now see some wild colours this weekend.

The change is in part due to a solar storm that is expected to hit earth today, which will help push some of the northern lights further south than usual.

A flurry of aurora borealis occurrences took over parts of the country earlier this month, leading to some extraordinary views from coast to coast.

Unfortunately, a quick zoom on the AuroraMAX map shows that areas on Vancouver Island, in southern Ontario, and plenty of Atlantic Canada aren’t expected to get a glimpse.

That said, plenty of American locations are also expecting to catch the northern lights on Saturday evening or on Halloween, so Canadians from coast to coast should keep their eyes peeled.