We all imagined what it would really be like to catch them all when we were younger. Hell, it was only a few years ago that the streets were crowded with grown adults looking for Pokestops and battling it out, so we’re not sure we ever really grew up and out of the Pokémon-catching dream. It was (and still is for devout game players) an extremely happy time – but now, some will be able to have their fun and eat it too with Oreo’s new Pokémon collab – the most delicious way to be the very best, like no one ever was.

This week, the cookie company launched its very first advertisement for their new product, and millennial Twitter, just as you’d expect, went absolutely nuts.

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You see in these Oreo packages, 1 of 16 critters will appear as a featured pattern and the goal is to collect all of them. Familiar, but super effective. 

All starter Pokemon, as well as fan favourites like Jiggly Puff and Mew among others, will have their very own cookie and in true-to-series fashion, some will be much harder to find than others.

Unfortunately, as of right now, these limited edition treats are only available for pre-order in the States ahead of their September 13th launch date, but we can’t imagine that once they go live it’ll be all that hard to find online at specialty import sweet shops everywhere else.

It also wouldn’t really surprise us if they decided to drop them in Canada later on just as they have with many of their more unique flavours – especially because Northerner’s are pretty persistent online, already requesting that they get released on the other side of the border.

Either way, what they’re doing is pretty dang cool and we’re hoping that somehow, at some point, everyone will be able to get their hands on them. After all, Pokemon practically raised us.