Ready to start your week on the right foot? We’re about to make it a whole lot easier. The results of the annual Wildlife-In-Focus competition, held by the BC SPCA, have been announced. And we’ll tell you something right now- the winning entries are the best mix of beauty and cuteness that we can think of.

Now in its 13th year, the Wildlife-In-Focus contest was split into two categories- Backyard Habitats and Wild Settings. Also a fundraiser for the BC SPCA’s Wild ARC program, the contest saw over 2,000 entries this year, and raised over $34,000! Of course, nothing’s stopping you from donating a little today, if you can.

But enough chit chat, let’s dive into the winners! We’ve included all of the judges’ picks, plus the people’s choice recipient, because they’re all worth seeing.

Backyard Habitats:

1st Place: Christiane Cottin (Vancouver) – Raccoon

raccoon bc wildlife
Photo via BC SPCA

2nd Place: Eric Marshall (Cranbrook) – Great blue herons

Photo via BC SPCA

3rd Place: Erin Kellie (Gibsons) – Black bears

bc wildlife
Photo via BC SPCA

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Wild Settings:

1st Place: Steve Burgess (Whistler) – Merganser family

bird alert
Photo via BC SPCA

2nd place: Trevor Haldane (Fernie) – Pika

bc spca wildlife
Photo via BC SPCA

3rd place: James Painter (Vancouver) – Bighorn sheep

sheep alert
Photo via BC SPCA

People’s Choice:

Colin Beadle (Vancouver) – Coyotes

Photo via BC SPCA

That’s the roundup this year, folks! And while these BC wildlife photos might be the cream of the crop, we know something else- it’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, if you’re looking for even more cute photos of BC’s most adorable (and most stunning) residents, you can check out the complete catalogue right here. Oh, and stay tuned for merch coming to the BC SPCA webstore!