Happy Monday, Seattle! We’ve officially made it to the last week of October and the week ahead is looking great. You can eat, drink, get ready for Halloween, or even just watch a good old movie if you like to keep things simple. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Seattle this week.

Go costume shopping

Halloween is this weekend! and if you’re still scrambling for costume ideas, we’re here to help. You can always try creating a locally inspired costume or head to a local costume store for pre-made costumes. We created a whole list of places for you to shop from.

Check out a haunted attraction

Seattle certainly knows how to get spooky! The Emerald City has all sorts of haunted attractions for you to enjoy this October. From haunted houses to museum exhibits we’ve compiled some of the best haunts that you can experience for yourself. Keep in mind, many of the last available dates are this weekend so plan ahead and purchase those tickets.

Grab a drink at a local hotel

We know it might sound a little odd but Seattle has some extraordinary hotel lobby bars. From downtown to north Seattle we have you covered with some great bars and restaurants to check out depending on what you’re in the mood for.

See what’s new on Netflix

Whether you like it or not, October is coming up this weekend! Plan out your month of streaming by checking out what’s coming to a computer screen or TV near you in the new month. After all, our fall and winter forecast is looking like a lot of indoor time.

Visit a new restaurant

As we welcome fall this month there are also plenty of new restaurants for you to check out. From savory to sweet it’s all there and we made a list of all of your options. So treat yourself to lunch or dinner this week.

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Plan a fall date

Fall is probably the coziest season of the year and that means it’s a great time for dates! If you’re going to be planning some soon, we have a few ideas for you. Of course, we went ahead and made a whole list so you can pick and choose from your favorites.

Watch the Orionid meteor shower

The Orionid meteor shower is on now, with meteors visible until November 22nd. The peak already passed on October 21st, according to NASA but it’s still worth taking a look. You probably won’t have to stare too hard to see these bright beauties but you do need to be ready because they are known for their speed.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Oh, look another legend! Call her maybe? All jokes aside, this concert is sure to be a lot of fun, and definitely already know her hit song.

When: October 26th
Where: 1700 1st Ave S
Cost: $87+

Warm yourself up with pho

If you’re in need of some soul-warming food it’s hard to go wrong with pho. Luckily for all of us, Seattle has tons of amazing restaurants with menus small to big. Yes, we did indeed make a list for you.

Treat yourself to comfort food

What’s a better way to end a long day at work than with some comfort food? There are plenty of great places in the city to enjoy truly comforting food. We of course made a list of everything from sweet to savory.

Enjoy all of the things to do in Seattle, and have a great week!