As we approach fall with a somewhat whacky forecast, you might just be looking for ways to warm up. There’s plenty here in the PNW between cozy cabin getaways and even hot tub boats. We also happen to have a few hot springs but one of our favorites has to be Scenic Hot Springs and here’s why.

Scenic Hot Springs is on private property but if you follow the rules, it’s not hard to access and enjoy. The Hot Springs are located in Scenic, Washington (yes that is the area’s name) but you might be more familiar with nearby Skykomish. You can soak year round as long as you have the ability to get there and of course follow the hot spring guidelines.

Why are following the guidelines so important? Well, Scenic Hot Springs has a long past and for many years was under the watchful eye of both the state and county. The current owners have worked hard to rehabilitate the springs and change their reputation. So respect their work and simply follow the rules, it’s not too hard is it?

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Now why is this spot so great? You have the ability to enjoy natural hot springs water in manmade pools overlooking beautiful forest land. What’s more, there are three pools so it’s small and intimate although you may have to share the space with others. It also happens to be clothing optional for those of you who are into that and also something to keep in mind if it makes you uncomfortable.

To top it all off, access costs $10 a person which is more affordable than many other Washington hot springs. So if you’d like to check it out, be sure to head over to the website. There you’ll find the full conditions for requesting to access the property which we promise isn’t that daunting. You’ll also find a calendar with availability, by the way, there’s a decent amount of spots that you can still snag.

Enjoy those hot springs!