Fall is officially here, before Seattle’s rainy season resumes you might as well enjoy a concert or two, or three. This month is set to be a memorable one in terms of concerts. Here are 10 of the best concerts coming to Seattle this October.

Nancy Wilson

local icon Nancy Wilson is back with yet another concert. If you didn’t get to see her at the Washington State Fair in September, luckily you can see her at the Showbox in the Market this October.

When: October 2nd
Where: 1426 1st Avenue
Cost: $70+

The Black Keys

How about some classic early 2010s music? The Black Keys are taking over Climate Pledge Arena with Band of Horses. You’ll be able to hear all sorts of classic tunes that you might not have heard for a while.

When: October 2nd
Where: 334 1st Avenue N
Cost: $29.50+

My Chemical Romance

A little classic pop punk and emo seems like a great way to start October. One of perhaps the early 2000s most iconic bands is coming to Seattle to play all of your old favorites. Keep in mind, that most tickets are currently resale so be prepared to shell out some extra dollars.

When: October 3rd
Where: 2727 E D Street, Tacoma, WA
Cost: $130+

New Order & Pet Shop Boys

New Order and Pet Shop Boys? Yes, it’s really happening! Treat yourself to what is truly a double whammy of a concert. We know that you have favorite tunes from both bands so don’t miss your chance to belt them out.

When: October 14th
Where: 334 1st Avenue N
Cost: $59.50+

Panic! At The Disco

October is about to get even more emo with Panic! At The Disco. This concert is sure to be a bit of a blast from the past and also probably pretty dang fun.

When: October 16th
Where: 334 1st Avenue N
Cost: $30.50+

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Alex G

Alex G had a vice-grip on indie kids a few years ago and that’s back again with TikTok. No matter where you know him from, you’re sure to know at least a few of his songs. And while tickets are resale, the cost is probably going to be worth it.

When: October 16th
Where: 1426 1st Avenue
Cost: $99+

King Princess

It’s hard not to love her swoony tunes so why deprive yourself of them? King Princess is taking over Showbox SoDo and it’s sure to be a great mid month concert.

When: October 20th
Where: 1700 1st Avenue S
Cost: $64+


If you’re looking for something a little less spooky this October, Alvvays is a great option. The Canadian pop band is coming south to Seattle to play an evening of tunes that’ll have you feeling wholesome.

When: October 22nd
Where: 1932 2nd Avenue
Cost: $26.50+

Smokey Robinson

Immediately yes, you should feel honored that you still have the chance to see this legend live. Seeing Smokey is a must this October, how could it possibly not be?

When: October 22nd
Where: 2920 E R Street, Tacoma, WA
Cost: $110+

Carly Rae Jepsen

Oh look another legend! Call her maybe? All jokes aside, this concert is sure to be a lot of fun and definitely already know her hit song.

When: October 26th
Where: 1700 1st Ave S
Cost: $87+

Enjoy, Seattle!