Look, we know Halloween is still a month away, but it’s never too early to start planning your costume. If you want to keep things hyper local this year, why not dress as something or someone from our city? Here are 6 Seattle-themed Halloween costume ideas.

Before we get into the ideas, you can always go ahead and purchase new costumes however we recommend getting creative with items or clothing that you already own and if you need to, heading to your closet thrift. Because if you’re only going to wear something once, why spend a ton of money and contribute to our country’s over consumption problem?

Hammering Man


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Name a more iconic work of public art in Seattle than the Hammering Man. All you have to do to create this costume is purchase a black morph suit and paint a hammer black. Or if you don’t want to buy a morph suit, just wear coherent black items from your closet. Easy as pie!

The Kraken

Go as the Kraken itself or as your favorite player. If you choose player, that’s pretty easy, wear a Kraken Jersey and maybe see if your nearest thrift has some hockey pads. If you choose the mythical beast, you can get creative with fabric and foam. Find some orange fabric and get handy with glue or a sewing needle to craft yourself some tentacles.

J.P. Patches


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Clowns, you either hate them or love them but J.P. Patches is a bit of a local icon. Patches is mostly known to Seattle area baby boomers and Generation Xers but he’s really for everyone. All you really need for this costume is some face paint and clown-appropriate attire.

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Washington has the most number of Sasquatch sightings anywhere so why not go as our state’s favorite mythical creature? There are plenty of pre-made sasquatch costumes out there, but you can also wear all brown and find a fur or faux fur jacket at your nearest thrift.

The Fremont Troll


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Okay, this is definitely up there with the Hammering Man. The troll is well known to Fremont residents and is yet another costume that’s easier than you might think. All you really need for it is grey clothing, grey face makeup and a small yellow VW Bug to hold in your hand if you want to be really accurate.

A local musician 

What is Seattle really known for? Music of course! There are all sorts of stars that have risen to fame from our city. Think Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Sir Mix A Lot, Jimmy Hendrix, Nancy and Ann Wilson, Bing Crosby, the list goes on. As for a costume, find a picture of an iconic fit and head to your local thrift or your closet to see what pieces match  the star you’re trying to recreate.

Now these ideas are pretty easy, but we’d love to see people go a little harder and recreate other local landmarks like the viaduct or the Space Needle.

Enjoy the Seattle Halloween costumes, and Happy Halloween!