Big news for hockey lovers today! Not has Abbotsford gotten back an AHL team, but it also features an iconic piece of Canucks branding. It’s a two-for-one deal, some 7 years after the Abbotsford Heat left the city. Here’s what to know about it!

The new team will be called the Abbotsford Canucks. It’s a fitting name, since it’s actually the relocation of the Utica Comets, which was the location of the Vancouver Canucks’ AHL affiliate since 2013. However, that ran out this year, and Abbotsford decided to get back on the horse.

Of course, Abbotsford’s old AHL team, which left in 2014, was actually affiliated with the Calgary Flames. Now we know the Canucks and the Flames don’t have the most intense of rivalries, but we’re scratching our heads at how Abbotsford was chosen as the hometown.

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But hey, that’s in the past, and we want to focus on the future! The new Abbotsford Canucks are making waves right off the hop, by using the iconic ‘Johnny Canuck’ design. While it’s been featured for various third jerseys and on the shoulders of the Vancouver Canucks jerseys over the years, it actually hasn’t been an official logo since the 1960s. Well, until now!

So we’ve got two great things to look forward to. First off, access to some of the Vancouver Canucks’ top prospects is but a short drive away for the team’s superfans. And, if you want to stand out a little more at the next home game, there are new jerseys to show your support to the franchise.

For more info, head on over to the Abbotsford Canucks website!