Oh cruel fate, why must you tempt us so? Multiple reports have come out that the Stanley Cup is headed to Montreal after all, but only for it to be repaired. Hockey’s Holy Grail was damaged after a ‘boat parade’ organized by the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are celebrating their second championship in as many years.

Yesterday, Lightning players and staff took to the water for a boat parade tour with the cup and to interact with fans. That included a trip on a jet-ski, which was posted on the Lightning’s social media (and quickly went viral).

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It actually wasn’t until after the boating excursion that the trophy was damaged. In fact, accounts claim that it slipped and hit the ground during a storm. Specifically, the bowl itself got more than a little banged up, pretty much flattening one half of it.

It’s not the first time the Stanley Cup has been damaged, and we doubt it will be the last. The trophy will be in Montreal this week for repairs, but the Lightning are hoping to get it back before the weekend. To the repairer, we say take your time!

Maybe a little extra wait might inspire a little more reverence. Who knows!