Well, folks, despite seeing a little bit of snow this weekend, we’ve been incredibly lucky this fall. Sadly, though – according to the Weather Network who published their November Forecast this week, Alberta will see conditions flip-flop quite a bit in the coming weeks, so prepare yourselves.

Luckily we won’t be the only ones who will feel a drastic change in temperatures this month. It looks like November will be the turning point for most Canadian cities – but let’s look at how the prairies will be affected.

First things first – Alberta, for the most part, does have at least one more week of mild temperatures ahead of us, so don’t rush into your snowsuits just yet!

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With the 7-day forecast projecting above 0° in Edmonton and Calgary, you’ll have just enough time to wrap up any autumnal yard work you may have and to put those winter tires on your car before slip-sliding all over the roads.

As we near the second half of November, however, the eastern prairies will see much colder weather that will spread throughout the province.

Photo Via The Weather Network

“We expect that we will transition into the late fall and early winter pattern that we highlighted in our Fall Forecast and in our winter sneak peek,” the Weather Network said in their report.

In case you missed it, this fall forecast predicted that a phenomenon meteorologists call ‘La Niña,’ would bring several storms and the chilliest temperatures we’ve seen since 2014 our way,

Our advice? Take advantage of the sun we’ve got left, have your shovels and winter boots on hand and get ready, folks – because soon enough, gone will be the days of patio weather and quick commutes to work.

Of course, The Weather Network’s November forecast for Alberta is nothing we can’t handle, but it’s been a while – so do whatever you can to jog your memory. Things are about to get frosty!