There will always be people that genuinely believe that our entire country is completely frozen over from November to May – but that’s just not the truth! Anyone from the Great White North knows that no two winters are the same and while some provinces do tend to see the snow more often than not, the colder seasons can still surprise us… unless we stay on top of the winter forecast for Canada!

This year, as predicted by AccuWeather, temperatures will vary dramatically depending on which side of the continent you’re on.

Due to a phenomenon meteorologists call ‘La Niña,’ Western Canada can expect more storms than usual in 2021-2022.

Now, if you like to ski, this may sound like great news but it’s also worth noting that accompanying the rain and snow will bring dramatically lower temperatures and strong winds.

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winter forecast canada
Photo Via AccuWeather

“The upcoming winter is expected to be fairly stormy from southern British Columbia through the Canadian Rockies with many opportunities for significant rainfall and strong winds along the coast,” said weather expert Brett Anderson “Abundant snowfall is expected throughout much of ski country from the Coastal Range of British Columbia through the Rockies of western Alberta.”

As for central Canada, AccuWeather predicts a shift in the Polar Vortex that will blast Manitoba and the prairies with cold dry air. Luckily, if you’re in the area, you’ll have some time to prepare as the extreme chill likely won’t arrive until February.

To sum it up, this winter, as far as western and central Canada are concerned, may see some of the coldest winter temperatures since 2013-2014, when days were regularly well below 30° C.

Live in the east? Well lucky you! Here, according to AccuWeather, temperatures will actually be higher than normal!

winter forecast canada
Photo Via AccuWeather

“While this winter does not look all that cold from Ontario to Quebec, it will be cold enough to support many opportunities for significant snowfall this winter,” said Anderson. “I expect a favourable winter with solid snow bases across much of ski country in eastern Canada and especially across Quebec.”

Of course, this could all change in an instant as the months go on, so be prepared for everything and stay prepared for anything. 

It’s unlikely, but who knows – maybe Western Canada will see a change in the winter forecast, one where warmer temperatures are expected. We can hope for the best can’t we?

Either way, soak up the sun, Canada – Tuesday, December 21st will mark the very first day of the Winter season and time flies!

Good luck out there, no matter where you are, and stay cozy, friends!