We hate to break it to you, but Ontario’s about to get hit with a bitter dose of reality. We may have been spared from the cold for most of the season so far, but that’s all about to change as a major pattern reversal sweeps across the country. Ontario’s November forecast from The Weather Network says that a “flip flop” will take place in the latter half of the month.

Ontario will get a nice dose of above-seasonal temperatures for the first couple of weeks in November. Toronto’s 14-day forecast right now shows mostly sunny skies and daytime highs between 8 C and 11 C, and the rest of the province will also get milder weather until right around mid-November.

That’s when things take an unfortunate turn for us Ontarians. The Weather Network says a “much colder pattern” will develop in the second half of the month, feeling more like winter than late autumn. Meanwhile, B.C. is in for milder and drier weather around this time, trading places with provinces to the east.

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Central and eastern Canada will get a blast of frigid weather come late November, and the arrival of Arctic air could “trigger substantial lake-effect snow for the snowbelt areas,” The Weather Network says.

This colder weather pattern will dominate through December, ushering in a much earlier start to the freezing cold and snow than Ontario has been used to seeing in recent years. In fact, some weather experts predict that it could be the earliest blast of winter Ontario has seen in a quarter-century.

As for winter forecast predictions, the Old Farmers Almanac says Canada is in for a “frosty flip-flop” of a season. Temperatures and snowfall amounts will swing dramatically throughout the season, with “winter whopper” snowstorms thrown into the mix. Looks like we just have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst at this point!