Well folks, the nightly closures will continue in Stanley Park, but not because of a fire hazard. Nope, this time around, it’s to help prevent coyote attacks in the area. Yeah, our prestigious park has been put through the wringer this summer. Here’s what to know.

Rather than the 10PM-APM restrictions that were created for fire risks, Stanley Park will now be closed to non-essential access between 7PM and 7AM. However, those looking to walk/bike/run through the park will be able to use the main causeway between 10PM-6PM. And of course, the causeway will remain open 24/7 to vehicle traffic.

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According to a press release, the nightly closures aren’t the only thing being done to help the issue. The current plan also includes installing animal-proof garbage cans, and a much more diligent garbage collection system. Basically, they want to curb all human-related feeding, direct or not.

There is no timeline for how long the nightly closures may last. Sorry folks, but it looks like you’ll have to enjoy those late summer sunsets elsewhere for the time being. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the guide you need!