Oh, bother, we had literally just finished including this in our list of things to do in Vancouver next month. Today, Westward Music Festival announced that all their shows, which were set to kick off next week, have either been cancelled or postponed. What’s more, it’s looking like things won’t return until the new year. Here’s a little more info.

Westward Music Festival was cautious in its approach and was only selling single tickets to shows or as ‘bundles’ with a discount. Unfortunately, due to the global nature of the festival as well as rising case rates in BC/Canada, the difficult decision was made to postpone it altogether.

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According to an official statement, the organizers will now work with the artists to try and reschedule shows as soon as possible. And while there was no mention of an ‘official’ postponement across the board, it was mentioned that they will ‘see us in 2022’. So yeah, things aren’t looking good.

If you bought tickets for any of the shows planned during Westward Music Festival, then expect them to reach out in the near future for rescheduling announcements or information regarding refunds. It’s a bummer across the board, but we look forward to being able to enjoy concerts safely once more.

For additional info, head to the Westward Music Festival website.